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Bone Spurs, Calcium Deposits, Acupunture, Tui Na Medical Massage

Treat bone spurs and calcium deposits without expensive medications or surgery! Your joints can be treated non-invasively! Make an appointment to treat the roots of the problem. Don’t just mask the symptoms.

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About the bones:

  • In its natural state the body constantly remodels the bones. Calcium is carried away from the bones in the blood where it is later used in the body for muscle contraction, nervous system conduction, and blood clotting. When blood calcium levels are too high the body deposits it in the bones or releases it in the urine.

  • The thyroid gland and parathyroid glands are responsible for blood calcium levels. Proper bone remodeling requires proper functioning of these glands.

  • The thyroid gland releases calcitonin which inhibits bone breakdown and the release of calcium into the blood.

  • The parathyroid gland increases blood calcium by releasing parathyroid hormone to stimulate bone breakdown.

Stress – Benefits and detriments

  • It is widely known that weight bearing exercise is one of the best ways to increase or maintain bone density and strength. When we stress our bodies, our bodies respond by becoming stronger.

  • The part of the bone that that is stressed is the part of the bone that the body reinforces. Muy Thai kick boxers have very strong tibias (shin bones) from repeatedly kicking hard objects over and over again with their shins.

  • But not all stress is good. Poor posture or other misuse of the body can lead to tight muscles, and injure ligaments and tendons. If these problems are not corrected, these tissues will put uneven stress on the bones near the joints.

  • In order to deal with this stress the body will reinforce the bones at the stress points, causing the bones to gradually reshape, which can ultimately lead to bone spurs. (Note: this is not the same as rheumatoid arthritis which has no clear link to overuse/misuse of the joints).

So how do you remodel the bones to alleviate bone spurs?

  • The first thing that is necessary is to take the stress off of the bones that is leading to further build up of bone spurs. With connective tissue acceleration, myofascial release, tui na, and acupuncture, the muscles, tendons, ligaments and articular cartilage can be corrected so that they no longer put uneven stress on the bones.

  • The next step is to increase blood flow to the bones near the joints at the site of the bone spurs. By increasing blood flow here, the parathyroid hormone can get to where it needs to be and gradually stimulate the bone spurs to break down.

  • The joints naturally have less blood flow due to their anatomical structure. The tendons, ligaments, and articular cartilage, all of which are plentiful in the moveable joints of the body (barring those joints that have suffered severe trauma, undergone extensive replacement surgery, or have severely degenerated) have fewer blood vessels than other body tissues. Injuries, scar tissue, degeneration, and subluxations of the joints all provide further barriers to blood flow here, and further prevent the parathyroid hormone from doing its job.

  • Connective tissue acceleration can enhance blood flow to the joints, heal the ligaments, tendons, and articular cartilage, and in so doing ultimately decrease the size and severity of bone spurs.

Calcium deposits:

  • Current medical literature does not say exactly why calcium deposits in the body happen, but basic Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles provide a simple solution.

  • The basic principle of Chinese medicine is that unimpeded blood flow is required for correct function, if there is a blockage in the flow it will result in malfunction.

  • Calcium is carried in the blood to function for nervous system conduction, blood clotting, and muscle contraction.

  • Any time the blood flow is inhibited, the contents of the blood are also inhibited. Where the blood encounters friction, some of the contents of the blood remain trapped at the site of the friction. When you slide a block of wood across a smooth surface it usually slides easily, but if you slide it across sandpaper it is harder to push, and part of the wood gets left behind on the sand paper.

  • So places in the body where blood flow is inhibited are also more likely to develop calcium deposits.

  • Ligaments, tendons, and articular cartilage all have less blood vessels and so are of greater likelihood to develop calcium deposits.

  • Blood clots, scar tissue, dislocations or subluxations of joints, and joint degeneration are all possible causes of reduced blood flow, and thus are all possible candidates to result in calcium deposits.

Calcium deposits and bone spurs

  • Both calcium deposits and bone spurs can cause pain by pressing on nerves or other soft tissues.

  • Both can be repaired simply by increasing blood flow to the area they develop.

  • Tui Na medical massage, acupuncture, connective tissue acceleration, and acupressure are excellent methods to increase blood flow where it is blocked or deficient. Make an appointment today at Roots of Eastern Medicine Acupuncture Clinic to resolve your calcium deposits and bone spurs and stop the pain.

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